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2013 – Milford store set-up

Wendy and her team had a blast getting Christmas ready in the Milford store this year. They worked in the evenings making sure all went well with the set-up. Wendy has been named ‘Mother of Christmas’, as she made dinner for them all, ensuring they all had enough stamina to carry on working, while being covered in […]

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2013 – Hamilton Store Opening

Rebecca and Adrienne are putting the final touches to the Hamilton store. I also couldn’t leave out a photo of my favourite Santa waterball! The store is looking gorgeous, however I may be a little biased since I helped put it together, Shelley.

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2013 – Taupo Store Now Open

Here you can see our Taupo team working hard to get their store ready. From cardboard boxes to a beautiful Christmas Heirloom store. There is plenty to do when we open a pop-up Christmas store, from washing windows to dressing all of the trees. This is always a fun week and this is often when […]

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