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2013 – Coconut Ice

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This is an old family recipe; I can still see my Great Grandma stirring this on her lap. She said it was the warmth of her lap that helped blend it.

Today we don’t have time for that so I have adapted.

From Wendy at the Milford, Auckland store.

This is original

6 oz Coconut

4 Tbsp Condensed milk

12oz Icing Sugar

Red Dye


Mix condensed milk & icing sugar. Stir in mixture. Mix until very stiff. Divide in half adding red essence the one half; add a dessertspoon of milk if needed.
This is my adapted version.

75gms/1 cup Coconut

5Tbsp Condensed milk

150ms/ 1 ½ cup icing sugar

1 Tbsp milk if needed

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