About Us

With an array of trees, decorations and collectables we strive to provide you with high quality products for your individual requirements. Since 1986 we have become somewhat of a Christmas tradition. When you need traditional, luxurious decorations and embellishments, there is only one place to go.

The transition from a carton-filled store, empty bags lining the floor to the finished result of a Christmas Heirloom Company store is truly a magical experience. People love to visit and they are amazed at the beauty, wonder and dazzle of our displays.

With the vibrancy of red, the grandeur of gold, the boldness of blue and the use of evergreen trees and foliage our stores enfold you into the magical world of Christmas.


meet the team


Christmas Past_resized

Invitation to the first store in 1986.

Our Story

The Christmas Heirloom Company™ was founded in 1986 and is proud to now be the largest wholesaler and retailer of Christmas products in New Zealand. Over these past few decades The Christmas Heirloom Company™ has grown to become market leaders in this specialised field. The Christmas Heirloom Company™ stocks a vast range of products from collectables to Christmas trees and lights. There isn’t much The Christmas Heirloom Company™ doesn’t stock. For high quality, affordable Christmas product The Christmas Heirloom Company™ is the place to go. The Christmas Heirloom Company™ began selling Christmas products that were of a crafty and cottage nature and English-style decorations that weren’t available in the New Zealand market. A one-off store in Alberton House, Auckland was opened and was well received by the public. Realising that there was a market for high quality Christmas products in New Zealand, The Christmas Heirloom Company™ started opening stores every Christmas season throughout New Zealand, with as many as 14 stores open from October to December. The Christmas Heirloom Company™ even has all-year-round stores, perfect for those who celebrate mid-winter Christmas.

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The Christmas Heirloom Company poster in the 1980’s.

Visiting The Christmas Heirloom Company™ every year is a tradition in many families, with some choosing a new decoration each year for their Christmas tree, with these then being passed on to the children when they move out of home. The Christmas Heirloom Company™ prides itself in stocking Christmas products that can be passed through generations as a family heirloom. Product quality is important to The Christmas Heirloom Company™. The Christmas Heirloom Company™ is operated as a family company, owned by Wendy and Murray Whatford, with their children also involved in the company, from administration to unloading containers. The Christmas Heirloom Company™ is a family friendly team and there are many children who can only be termed as Christmas Heirloom babies! Now even grand-children are appearing on the scene for Wendy. Even after all of these years the staff get excited over the new product each year. Opening stores every year is just as magical as it was in the beginning.

wendy_murray2We hope you enjoy our magical Christmas stores – Wendy & Murray Whatford.