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2014 – Lights | Newsletter 19th November

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How many lights should go on the Christmas Tree? This question is a common one in our stores. Lights really add the magic to the Christmas Tree – be generous! Artifical trees need more lights to show off your decorations because of the density of branches. A 4 foot tree can easily take 400 lights; a 6 foot tree 600 lights; that’s 100 lights per foot of tree, it does make a difference!

Here are a few tips to make lighting a little bit easier this Christmas:

Visually section your tree vertically by how many sets of lights you have. For example if you have four sets, each set will cover one quarter of the tree. Starting at the top of the tree, anchor your lights with the end that doesn’t have the plug. Place the lights downwards pushing them right into the branches, the plug will end at the bottom of the tree making it easier to put into the multi box. Try not to overlap when you put the next set on, this will make it easier to get them off.

No more tangles – just a beautifully lit tree

If you wrap the lights round and round, they will tangle and cause problems when taking them off. It is easier to place the lights when they are switched on so that you can see where they are. And of course do the lights before putting the decorations on the tree!

Some lights have a small plastic ring at the base of the bulb, pull the ring away from the bulb and thread over the branch and then tighten, this anchors the light firmly on the branch and gives a “candle effect” – great for fresh trees.

Always test lights first to check all the bulbs are going and that there aren’t any broken ones. For lights that are blown, do not remove until you get a replacement, as otherwise the rest of the lights will also stop going.

Visit one of our stores and we can show you these lighting tricks.

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