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Hands on with Wendy

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Wendy Whatford | Managing Director | The Christmas Heirloom CompanyHANDS ON WITH THE CHRISTMAS HEIRLOOM COMPANY OWNER AND CEO WENDY WHATFORD
October 9, 2017 by MediaPA

Hands on with The Christmas Heirloom Company Owner and CEO Wendy Whatford

If there is an equivalent to Mrs Christmas in New Zealand, The Christmas Heirloom Company Owner and CEO Wendy Whatford would be her.

With an array of trees, decorations, lights, candles, table pieces and Christmas décor, The Christmas Heirloom Company strives to provide high quality products for customers’ individual requirements.

The Christmas Heirloom Company was founded in 1986 and Wendy has been leading the company for the past 18 years. Now the largest wholesaler and retailer of Christmas products, The Christmas Heirloom Company certainly has grown and is now the first name that comes to mind for Christmas specialists in New Zealand.

From its humble beginnings as a one-off store in Alberton House to opening up to 15 stores every year across New Zealand, The Christmas Heirloom Company has become a fundamental part of the New Zealand Christmas experience.

Wendy can be described as one of the most hands-on CEOs in New Zealand, from the unloading of the containers when they arrive, to managing retail stores and driving the growth of the company, Wendy can be found everywhere.

“In the season Wendy will go between packing orders and doing manual work in our warehouse, setting up at least two stores per week in the season. Working in the stores and liaising with our corporate clients. She is covered in glitter for a good 5 months of the year,” says Anna Whatford, Sales and Marketing Manager at The Christmas Heirloom Company.

Wendy resides in Hamilton and commutes between the Hamilton office and the Auckland warehouse, overseeing the successful running of the company. Wendy is certainly an approachable all-rounder. In the busy Christmas season, Wendy can be found in The Christmas Heirloom Company stores, tying bows and creating wreaths for customers. Amongst all the setting up of the stores for Christmas, Wendy also has time to develop the Hire Service, growing from 5 trees in 2008 to over 60 last year.

To add a little bit of Christmas magic to your life, no matter what time of year, give the friendly experts at The Christmas Heirloom Company a visit.

Click here to meet the rest of our team.

Head Office: 573 Victoria Street, Hamilton North 3204, New Zealand ‎

NZ Freephone: 0508 434 756

Phone: +64 7-839 6209

Fax: +64 7-839 6208




Written by MediaPA.

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